How to Play “Crazy Time”: Betting Tips and Winning Strategies

Regarding Crazy Time

Crazy Time is Evolution Gaming’s newest live game. Traditional game show motif has been updated for the current gaming environment. The market leader for live casinos is Evolution Gaming. The game creator has once again shown its prowess with Crazy Time. Both novice and seasoned players will find the straightforward premise, surprising bonus rounds, and generous winning opportunities to be ideal.

You can maximize your enjoyment of Crazy Time by employing several tactics Martingale and the probability-based strategies can be applied in this situation. You can easily succeed and add wonderful prizes to your account with a little work.

How to play Crazy Time

The vibrant wheel of fate is the focus of this brand-new game. According to the game’s title, live dealers make an elaborate entrance and spin the wheel. The wheel of fortune has a total of 53 playing areas. The fields display 1, 2, 5, and 10 in each. Additionally shown are the special characters Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, Coin Flip, and Pachinko these extra rounds are hidden behind the special characters in the game.

Your wager must be complete before the opening round. You can join the Crazy Time live game and practice your initial strategy for just a few Euros. Depending on your budget, the stakes per round might range from €1 to €2,000.

Once you’ve chosen your wager amount, you can either place your wager on the previously specified numbers or the special fields.

Crazy Time allows you to simultaneously place several bets, just as other Evolution Gaming live games. It is advisable to start with smaller stakes, especially for beginners, to avoid overstretching your financial resources.

You can win money at Crazy Time by using the previously discussed tactics without taking on too much danger. You can change the size of your bets during the game on how the game is going. Therefore, when the game is going well, increasing or decreasing your bets is not a problem.

The wheel of fortune on Crazy Times

By dividing the bonuses of numbers and special characters, we get the following values. This is a frequent representation of the wheel of fortune. By the bonus value of characters who are less frequent.

-The bonus value of 1 is represented by the number “1” 20 times.

-13 different symbols on the wheel correspond to the number “2.” Two is the bonus value.

-Seven different ways of representing the number “5” result in a five-fold bonus.

-There are only 4 fields available for the number “10.” 10 is the bonus value.

-Additionally, there are four occurrences of the special character “Coin Flip,” which initiates the Coin Flip Bonus.

-You can win the equivalent Cash Hunt bonus with the double “Cash Hunt” field.

On the wheel, the “Pachinko” field appears twice. You may receive a bonus here worth 160,000 times your bet!

These extra fields

The addition of additional fields has increased the number of fields significantly. Behind the bonus, fields are four unique outstanding additional features. There will be thrills and further excitement.

Flip a coin bonus

As the name implies. You can let your coin your lock and determine land on the red or blue side. A value of up to 5,000 can be indicated by the multiplier values on each of the two sides.

Inside the event, the extra coin buried beneath the playing field will be activated so you can expect to receive higher payouts

Bonus for Cash Hunt

You’ll get a chance to participate in a profitable bonus round if you bet on this particular field.

A winning wall with 108 different fields arises behind the wheel of fortune. Every field has a chance of success. The 2,500x multiplier is the bonus round’s largest prize. The player chooses his own chance by using a rifle sight to shoot.

Pachinko Bonus

Crazy Time gains a vintage game show component with the Pachinko Bonus. Large pinball wall with several multipliers on the bottom. You use clicks to assist the ball in getting over the pinball wall and into the proper field with the required multiplier. You can win fantastic prizes here if you have a little perseverance and talent. The “Double” function helps you to win double.

Crazy Time Bonus

Everyone looks forward to the opportunity presented by the bonus round. You will find a 160,000x multiplier right here. If you make it far enough, the three-flap wheels will be shown to you. Prior to the bonus round beginning, you must select one of the flaps. Each of the colored flaps conceals a different treasure. You might even hit the jackpot with a little luck.

Betting Tips and winning strategies:

Martingale technique

The Martingale technique has been successfully applied for many years in traditional roulette and is easily adaptable to the Crazy Time slot. You need a specific budget to play with this approach in order to account for any losses.

When playing Crazy Time, the best strategy is to place your initial wager along with bets on each of the four bonus fields. You have wagered a total of €4 on the first round if your original wager was €1. Then you treble your wager in the following round if your fields are not struck.

If a hit occurs, you proceed to the bonus round and collect your winnings. Then you start over with your original wager. You will continue to double your bet for each round if the bonus fields have not yet been touched.

According to statistics, Crazy Time has a bonus field roughly every sixth round. You can roughly figure out the amount of budget you require from this.

To Start simply click the Game History tab. Some fields receive hits more frequently than others. On the Crazy Time wheel, patience is necessary for this tactic.

It is worthwhile to gamble on fields if your calculations show that they can be hit again in less than six rounds.
For instance, you must exercise patience if the bonus fields take much longer than six rounds to be hit. It is only profitable to begin wagering on the bonus fields after a certain number of rounds.

Probabilistic approach

Players that want to compare their skills to those of the machines should use this tactic. Using probability calculations and the outcomes of the previous 60 rounds, you can identify a certain trend.

A low-volatility approach

Using this method, you place your wagers over as many spots on the Crazy Time wheel as you can. For instance, it makes logical sense to wager €10 per round if your budget is €100.

These are wagerable on five of the available eight alternatives. You may wager €2.50 on the number “2,” which appears 13 times on the wheel and will double your money if you win.

The number “5”, which appears five times on the wheel with a fivefold rise if you win and seven fields, receives an additional €2.50.

Three bonus fields are used to distribute the final five euros. Therefore, you have effectively covered 50% of the playing field. You have a good chance of winning one of these fields.

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